Here are a handful of testimonials about Julio:

I wanted to drop a note to you and Julio to let you know how loved Benji is.  It has been 6 months since he came from your family to mine and each day I love him a little more.  We had a great summer starting out in a few schooling shows in Training Level and wound up going to our first rated show at the Horse Park in August where he won both classes with a 65 & 68.  He is truly the best partner I could have ever dreamed of.  He is everything that you and Julio said and more.
Lisa qualified for the Gary Rockwell Clinic at USET for Level 1 & 2 with Ben and Gary described him as the perfect Amateur horse.  He was angelic , a real superstar!  From the ring to the trails he is my buddy...always forgiving and looking to please.....thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my friend who brings a smile to my face every ride.  I hope that Julio will come to visit us at Jersey Palms for a clinic....Ben and I would be soooo excited to have him.  I know he would have a line of my barn mates waiting in line to ride with him!  Blessings to you and your family.  Hope to see you soon!

Michele C. of NJ owner of Bennington


Thank You Guys for making my Dreams Come True !  Can't wait to come back.

Lindsey B. of TN - owner of Bellatrix and Arabella


Julio is an amazing teacher. Watching him with my 12 year old granddaughter Kobe yesterday was a gift in itself.  He explained the hows and whys and used correlations that were easily understood in her dressage riding.  I loved to see her face and hear Julio's excitement when it came together.  Thank you Julio Mendoza for being you! 

Sari Bolnick


I have had an amazing month of Dressage Education at Silverleaf Farm. This weekend Julio Mendoza gave us a wonderful classical yet practical 2 day clinic whre our horses and students performed better than we could have imagined with suppleness and impulsion!  

Kathy Rowse
Silverleaf Farm
USEF "S" Dressage Judge
USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist


Julio Mendoza is an phenomenal teacher who's love for dressage and education shines through him.  The clinic he taught this week at Silverleaf Dressage was so inspiring and educational.  The opportunity I was given to ride with him was by far the best birthday present anyone could ever give me.  Thank you so much Julio Mendoza for such a wonderful weekend of learning, fun and inspiration. 

Jessica Zoskey
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist


A fabulous performance!  I'm so proud that Julio Mendoza chose to use one of my crystal embellished saddle pads in this stellar Theatre Equus presentation last Fri. and Sat. night in Harrisburg.  Julio and Ivan are a joy to watch :)

Peggy Curtin


My mom really enjoyed your performances at PVDA Ride for Life and was very moved by your Freestyle with Ivan.  She felt inspired to do this painting of you and Ivan. 

Kendle Buffington


Julio Mendoza performs some of the best Dressage I have seen in many years.  I saw him several times at the Maryland Horse Expo.

Fran Felix


Defiantly the most beautiful riding I have ever seen in my life!! 

Cara Cagno


Julio is a gifted teacher,  amazing trainer, and great rider. 

Javier Bolanos Meade

Thank you Julio for coming to Matilda Bay Farm for the clinic yesterday!  Will work on your homework and look forward to working with you again next year. Thanks Jessica for helping put this together so quickly!

Lynn Phillips


Hello Julio and Jessica, Thanks so very much! You were a major factor in securing my filly's (Wilhelmina Q) win of high score Championship at her Hanoverian Studbook Inspection at Morvan Park. After some 45 years - much of which I've committed to improving my skills - in what I consider - the the most challenging equine disciple - correctly starting young sporthorses; I've, at least, learned to spot that illusive, world-class, true Master when I see one. You are indeed a very, very rare gem and I am so delighted to have found you. I have two more HAN fillies that need you for further training, MPT, etc. Don't go anywhere!!!

Very Best Regards to You Both,
Eautha Harrigan



What an INCREDIBLE display at Horse World Expo PA!  Julio you are a remarkable rider, and you really have a lot of fans behind you now!  I will help you get some serious sponsors to get you to London Olympics!  GO TEAM MENDOZA!  Thank you so much for riding in my demo, and Jessica...you're gorgeous! I love you guys! THANK YOU!!!!! 

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics
Grand Prix Judge

Thank you, Julio and Mendoza Dressage, for being a part of Horse World Expo and inspiring us with such beautiful riding and partnership!! The dressage freestyle and the long lining demo were so full of energy and joy. SO glad we could see it! Keep up the good work and please come back next year!!!
Susan White


Julio gave me my courage back after a 10 year absence from riding and introduced me one on one to the wonderful world of Friesians. Working under Julio is the most rewarding, nurturing and positive environment that a rider could ever hope to experience. My love and devotion to the breed is forever enhanced and deepened... because of Julio and Jessica's education, patience and trust in me as an adult woman rider and as a friend. You guys are the best!! See you again soon :-) Julio, thanks so much for braving the cold and wind for yet another outstanding lesson!!

Kathi Barrett


Julio has been training Mieneke and me since 2008.  He likes to say I'm lucky to have found the perfect horse.  I always reply it wasn't luck. I had looked at a hundred Friesians without feeling that sufficient "tug" and then it happened! Mieneke looked me straight in the eye and said "buy me." She was healthy, athletic and seemed highly intelligent (hum . . . too intelligent?) and at 15 hands just the right size. She was also three years old, completely green and, as I later found out, known to her Michigan breeder as "the little firecracker." Too late. We had
chosen each other and together would master the art of classical dressage. When the need arises, the teacher appears. Right on schedule, Julio moved from Ecuador to the United States and agreed to take the pair of us on, among his first American students. In no time, Mieneke graduated from longe line to her new Tweespan saddle, while I was set to work at the leg of a kitchen table learning the correct polo wrap technique. In less than two months I was in the saddle - on my own horse. The rest is history. Mieneke is excessively proud of her first blue ribbon, with a training level score of 72, as well as of her advancement to flying changes and extended trot. I keep my heels and hands down, sit deep and relaxed in the saddle and look forward to our first horse show together in May. What I have learned in the last two years is this: owning a horse is a commitment to a process, a common adventure, filled with determination to learn, hard work and a humble acceptance of imperfections. Above all, as Julio likes to say, you must "trust your horse." You can't buy perfection. What Mieneke and I did find was the perfect trainer. How could we be so lucky!

Amy Schmidt and Mieneke

Julio Mendoza - what can I say except thank you.  Thank you to the staff of the Maryland Horse Expo in providing us with this slice of joy.  Julio's presentations have revived my equine passion through not just his talent, all his awards and accomplishments prove this, not just the lesson he presents, which provide something for everyone to take home, but for the love, warmth and inspiration.  When Julio enters the ring his persona of complete happiness and joy fill the facility.  Not only does Julio emit this wonderful feeling of enthusiasm but his mounts radiate this love.  It's not just a presentation but an emotional experience.  I have been inspired.  Thank you!
I have been a vendor at equine expos and horse shows for 22 years.  I always enjoy, learn and take home many lessons, but this was a gift.
Lu Morris
TDI Horse Feeds


Enthusiasm, skill and quality describe Julio and his dressage training program!  I am an older amateur rider, but that does not matter.  Julio’s enthusiasm for the discipline of classical dressage is absolutely infectious and it transcends all levels, as well as his true love for our equine partners.   An Intro level rider will get as intense a lesson as an FEI level.   His ability to convey the principles of dressage is unmatched, as are his intuitive abilities to “read” and understand the horses.  I always finish a lesson with a sense of accomplishment and can’t wait to get back for the next one.   A few lessons with Julio have changed my seat and position entirely.   Although a full-time government job, two of my own horses and a long drive keep me from having lessons with the regularity I desire, I know I can always count on a visit to Rolling Ridge to “recharge” the batteries.  I wish Jessica and Julio all of the best.

 Leslie P.

Julio is an expert teacher that creates a non-stressful teaching environment.  You are there to learn, and Julio has much to give and he does it in such a joyful way.  I personally came away with so much, I was elated.  Finally finding my seat at the canter - hands on my head, no stirrups - was an exhilarating experience for me.  He could tell that I was tentative at this gait and he fixed it.  I wish I had weekly lessons with him.  Everyone at this clinic came away with something.  Even while watching others, we took notes and could apply what he taught other riders.  We were overwhelmed with information and tools to use in our never ending  quest to become better riders.  What impressed us all was Julio worked with us and with our horses with kindness and a positive attitude.  He helped us tune into our horses.  He is amazing and I look forward to working with him in the future.  My lazy quarter horse looked like "a little warmblood" under his tutelage.  I was ready to sell this horse and now know that he can be what I want him to be.  Yes, there is work to be done, but Julio presents you with a logical path on how to achieve your goals. 

Julie Turrentine


 We have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Julio several times with our two stallions Maxamillion and Saint Sandro. Julio is true a horse master and has a natural way with horses not seen in many FEI trainers. He loves his work with the horses and it shows by their willingness to dance with him that they feel the same. This understanding between Julio and horses produces consistent outstanding results. He truly has a gift. We are blessed and hope to continue to work with Julio in the coming years. We would highly recommend him anytime for training, clinics, or lessons.

**** Update with Saint Sandro after a month of training:  Julio is doing an INCREDIBLE job with him and we couldn't be more pleased!! He is THE BEST trainer, and we are SO lucky to have him be the one to start Saint off the RIGHT way!!

Tawna K.


Julio Mendoza is one of the most gifted trainers I know. He instills confidence in his students in a way that makes them work much harder and beyond their usual comfort levels. After a lesson with Julio one comes away with a 'Wow I can do it' feeling. His training is not limited to humans. He has a wonderful rapor with  horses. They truly love him and seem to work their hearts out for him. My only regret is that he doesn't live closer to our West Virginia Farm so that we would have him for all our riding time and lessons.

Carol Burdick
Terra Alta lake Farm,
Terra Alta lake Road
Terra Alta, WV 26764


Julio is a truly gifted trainer, and an excellent teacher.
He helped me evaluate the potential of my Zoelite, a KWPN mare, when she was four and very green, a year ago. He had a sense then, even in her "bucking bronco" stage, what she might become. In a few short months, he was winning  Entry Level and Intro dressage classes with her, with scores in the 70s. By summer he presented her for the Breed classes at Morven Park, where she won Reserve Champion Mare and Mature Horse, and an entry to the Breeders' Championship at Devon, where he presented her beautifully; she ribboned in every class she entered with scores all in the 70s. And this winter he is working on her second and third level skills, as he prepares her to compete in FEI 6 Year Old classes this spring. Julio and Zoelite are a special pair, and watching him work with her--with patience, with intense concentration, and with kindness-- takes my breath away. She rewards him by giving him her best effort, and her progress has been remarkable.
In my very first dressage lesson, Julio had me doing shoulder in and out, which was so new and exciting, I couldn't wait to come back for more. Like all great teachers, he has a sense of just where you are, and what you are capable of, and helps you take the next step.
Many of us met Julio before he came to The Stables at Rolling Ridge. And every one of us brought our horses right along with him, to continue their training with him, and ours as well. That is the best testament there is.
Ellen Klosson


I respect Julio's natural ability as a trainer, a rider and his proven successes but, also his ability to communicate what he knows. During a clinic, after my own lessons, I observed him for the remainder of the day and part of the second day teaching riders at different levels on their horses of different breeds and levels. His passion never wained. His instincts for what the individual horses needed and how he directed the students to that end built confidence in the riders and their horses. How refreshing !

Judy Stanley
Meredith Manor International Centre of Horsemanship Riding Master III and Certified Riding Instructor


In January of 2007 I meet Julio Mendoza as he became my son Patrick's dressage trainer.  Julio and Patrick had an instant bond.  Always positive and jovial he pulled more effort from and imparted more knowledge to Patrick in a single lesson than I had ever seen another trainer accomplish.  Julio's ability to find the positive aspects of a horse and rider abilities and build on that foundation is one of his greatest talents.  He does not approach a horse or rider with what they cannot do, but with what they can do and what is possible from that point.  This positive approach encourages the horse and rider to trust him and want to work harder.  Once, while waiting for Patrick, I watched Julio ride a young horse.  Just after mounting the horse spooked and jumped across the ring and back again.  Julio went with the horse and when the horse stopped, breathing hard and looking around, Julio just patted the horse and said "OK Baby, back to work".  I was astounded at his riding abilities and at his attitude!  It was in that moment that I knew he was the one to start our young Oldenburg mare, Bettina.  The following year I did bring Bettina to Julio and watched their second ride mesmerized at her wonderful movement and completely calm and relaxed demeanor.  Under Julio tutelage for the last year Bettina has blossomed and been a delight for her rider, my daughter Caitlin.  Caitlin's joy when riding Bettina during her lessons with Julio is evident from the laughter in the ring!  It is not an easy feat to bring a 3 yr old mare to the point that a 16 yr girl is safe and joyful during a lesson.  It is perhaps the most profound evidence of Julio abilities as a trainer.

Cindy McCully


Working with Julio was a wonderful experience for me.  Julio is a terrific trainer, who focuses on both the rider and the horse. For Julio the glass is never ½ empty, it is always ½ full. He sees the good in the horse and rider, and brings out the best in both.  After a few lessons, my spooky thoroughbred mare became focused and responsive, and we did our first half passes at trot and canter.



Dressage is a complicated discipline to learn, but Julio’s training method and philosophy establishes an attitude of cooperation and fun between rider and horse. He refers to dressage as being a "dance" and partnership. Instead of getting angry or frustrated when mistakes occur, he smiles and says "that’s ok, try it again. I need that gentle approach, as I think, do most horses.

S. Roesler

As a former jockey I had much to unlearn and relearn when I first came to Julio.  His patient, positive attitude gave  me the feeling of confidence I needed to learn to love the art of Dressage.  We have had may laughs together over my former jockey hands and position but with each lesson I can feel the changes happening in my position and the horse responding to my aids.  Julio has a true understanding of the equine mind and teaches his students to look beyond themselves and into the horses mind and heart and to work toward a true partnership with the horse.

Debbie L.