In 2012,  Julio and Ivan finished 4th Place in the NATION out of 221 horses for the USDF Horse of the Year Awards at Intermediare 1 level with an average score of 71.25% !!   They also claimed the Champion title for the USDF All Breeds Awards for Intermediare 1 in the USA.   At the CDI*3 Event - Dressage at Devon Julio and Ivan finished in 7th place at I-1 out of 36 competitiors with a 67% and in 6th place in the I-1 Freestyle.   At the Region 1 GAIG Championships, Ivan and Julio became the Reserve Champion at Intermediare 1 Level. 

In 2010 Julio earned his USDF Silver Medal and also qualified for Dressage at Devon with two horses for the performance division.   In 2011 Julio earned his USDF Bronze Medal and qualified for the 2011 Pan American Games held in Guadalajara, Mexico on the 9 year old Friesian Stallion - Ivan.  Ivan was the first Friesian to ever compete at a Pan American Games and to date is still the only one ever to do so.  

In 2013,  Julio earned his USDF GOLD MEDAL - aboard Ivan for their success at the highest level in Dressage, the Grand Prix.   So Julio now carries all the USDF Rider Medals - Bronze, Silver and Gold.     Julio also earned the USDF Gold Musical Freestyle Bar for their scores at both the Intermediare 1 and Grand Prix Freestyles. Ivan and Julio finished 11th in the NATION for the Grand Prix Freestyle with an average of 71.875%.  They also were the Nation's USDF All Breeds Champion at Grand Prix Freestyle and Reserve Champions in the Grand Prix.   Pretty good for their first year at Grand Prix.

Growing up in South America Julio rode horses and taught students on his Fathers farm in the beautiful valley of Tumbaco, Ecuador.   Julio trained up to Grand Prix Dressage with several horses and competed in the International Cup held in South America 5 years in a row always placing in the top 5.  In 2007 Julio relocated to the United States with his wife Jessica. 

Julio was interviewed in 2009 by Horseman Magazine.  To read the article go to:

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Julio is an experienced dressage trainer that can help you and your horse achieve your training and competition goals.  Julio emphasizes on training correctly from the beginning in order to achieve true harmony between the horse and rider. His students have enjoyed success at all levels of showing.  Here with Mendoza Dressage we offer a very positive, safe and upbeat atmosphere for every horse and rider. Where we strive to treat and give horses the absolute BEST!!