We had such a fantastic show at the 2015 GAIG Regional Championships in Lexington, VA !! Special Thank you to Bettina Longaker, Dianne Boyd, the TD's, Judges and all the wonderful volunteers for a very fun and well run show !

Julio's Championship class results :

Third Level Open - out of 29 entries
Champion - Roelof van Wolfshol
Third level Freestyle- out of 11 entries
Champion - Roelof van Wolfshol
Intermediate 1 Freestyle - out of 10 entries
Reserve Champ- Chardonnay 
4th level Open - out of 13 entries 
Reserve Champ - Due Process
Intermediate 1 Open- out of 15 entries 
3rd place - Chardonnay 
2nd Level Freestyle - out of 8 entries
4th place - Roxanne WLF 
Prix St. Georges Open - out of 32 entries
6th place - Reinder fan Wifo
9th place - Chardonnay 
1st level Freestyle - out of 18 entries 
9th - Apollo 
2nd Level Open - out of 19 entries 
9th place- Roxanne WLF 
Training Level Open - out of 25 entries 
10th place - TripTheLightFantastic
1st level Open - out of 33 entries 
22nd place - Apollo

Highlights of Open Class Results :

Reinder fan Wifo won both his large open PSG classes with his highest scores of the year ! 71.4% and 70.1% Emotic├│n smile he also won the highest score award for FEI levels on and Saturday (out of 25 rides) and had the highest score of all FEI levels on Thursday (out of 27 rides) - !!

Apollo made his debut at 2nd level and won both his large classes with two 68%'s !!!

Due Process made her PSG debut and earned a 65% !

On a separate note it was our first time participating in the stall decorating contest and we won the "Scariest" award - we had quite a blast hanging it all up~

It was a lot of hard work to get through all 25+ rides Julio had through the weekend ! The classes were super competitive with some very impressive rides ! Not all our horses appreciated the cold front we had and Julio did go off course a few times getting all the tests confused since they must be memorized at regionals - but he still managed to hold it together and give it his best ! We are so proud of you !!

Thank you to all our sponsors, clients, staff, friends for all your support and help on such a great year ! It was so much fun cheering our fellow friends and other competitors on in their victories as well ! Congrats to all !